What is Picture to People ?

"Picture to People" (P2P) is a huge Computer Graphics project. It was started to create new softwares able to make 2D drawing, 3D rendering, vexel drawing, text effects, photo effects, image filtering and other complex Computer Graphics operations. It has been made from scratch, including its low level Computer Graphics libraries like Maccala. Nowadays, most final features produced for this project are released as free online tools available from its official website. This blog talks about Computer Graphics, mainly concerning Picture to People development.

"Only who makes has true knowledge. Knowledge is control. True power depends on total control. Only who makes from scratch has the real power."

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Use country flags to create amazing 3D text effects online

Frequently P2P users ask me about a tip to create a text effect that reminds their countries. The answer can be easier than expected.

Surprisingly, many users don't know Picture to People has a very handy text generator that can be useful for any "national subject". We offer an advanced 3D text effect maker that can create many styles of texts rendered with a country flag.

Despite there many useful 3D configurations and more than 400 font faces to choose from, this tool lets you choose among the flags of all countries of the worlds. It can be used at Country Flag 3D Text Effect the page.

Below I show you just a simple example of what this software can make. In this case, it's an effect created by selecting the China's flag and a suitable font.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

All the best online text effect makers in one place

Since a small time ago, Picture to People site has a page that gathers our most famous and used online text effects.

Now this is the easiest place from where you can select one of our many text effect softwares. Even if you don't know our big amount of effects yet, that's a nice place to begin from. There you can easily access professional text effect tools like for example:

- Online Text Effects;
- Realistic 3D Text Effects;
- Realistic Embossed Text Effects;
- 3D Graffiti Text Generator.

Start using the Best Online Text Generators right now and create the most impressive text effects (that page contains many amazing samples).

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

The best copper and bronze text effects online

Today I have published new realistic metallic text effects to be used online.

In fact, there were a qualitative jump concerning free text generators to make metallic effects, because now our set of realistic 3d text effect creators has a new theme: copper text effects.

Other great thing that is worthy to notice: these new text makers are perfect to create bronze text effects too. Below I show an example of a copper/bronze text effect generate by using this new P2P tool. You can use all copper/bronze rendering styles at the Copper Text Effects page.

Picture to People offers hundreds and hundreds of high quality realistic metallic text effects, and you can choose among all of them by starting from this huge catalog: Online Metallic Text Effect Generators.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Ideas about graffiti decorations

Picture to People offers the best online graffiti text generator. It has really many interesting and advanced features to let users create the most customized and beautiful virtual graffiti effects.

Despite that software makes a great success and is used by thousands and thousands of people every month, since it was published some time ago, we have been receiving many suggestions from the community and some of them are very interesting.

Our current graffiti maker already has many configuration options, so we decided don't increase it with a new package of features. Instead of it, we started developing a totally new graffiti text generator following different paradigms (a kind of complementary tool).

Among the many things to research and develop, there is the subject of what decorations we will offer. Recently, I have been making implementations and tests to create the most impressive options.

This part is in a very preliminary phase yet, but, just to illustrate, I show bellow an example of a text decoration recently developed. Probably, in a finished graffiti work, there would be a composition of several distinct decorations.

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Text effect tutorials (19)

Let's have a look at the tutorials I have published last month at the blog about Free Text Effects.

- a super shiny light text effect;
- a realistic 3D metallic medieval text effect;
- a burnt wood text effect;
- a glass text effect with light refraction;

Doing as explained in the tutorials, you get that amazing results (you can see each image in bigger size at the related tutorial page):

It's possible to generate countless outstanding text effects easily by using the Free Online Text Effect Makers available in Picture to People site.

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