What is Picture to People ?

"Picture to People" (P2P) is a huge Computer Graphics project. It was started to create new softwares able to make 2D drawing, 3D rendering, vexel drawing, text effects, photo effects, image filtering and other complex Computer Graphics operations. It has been made from scratch, including its low level Computer Graphics libraries like Maccala. Nowadays, most final features produced for this project are released as free online tools available from its official website. This blog talks about Computer Graphics, mainly concerning Picture to People development.

"Only who makes has true knowledge. Knowledge is control. True power depends on total control. Only who makes from scratch has the real power."

Thursday, April 25, 2013

New high quality online text effect creators

I have published new online text effect creators in Picture to People software called Online Text Effects.

Now there are new effect generators for acrylic, gold, plastic, etc. These ones already take advantage of some recent improvements I made recently in P2P graphic libraries.

Below you see some nice examples of graphics that these new text makers can create. You can choose among more than 200 professional text effect in the Online Text Effects page.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The 3D graffiti text maker online was improved

After some hard work, I overcame a not very big, but very bothering bug in the online graffiti text generator.

As you can see in this graffiti text, there was a style of back drawing that generated some wrong artifacts in the outer borders.

This problem was happening because my directional curve expansion was wrong. I created an almost totaly new algorithm and now I suppose the process is correct. Below you see the same graffiti text generated by using the newer calculations.

Just as a final tip, despite I created above a shallow graffiti, this online graffiti generator offers a fine control over the text deepness. Below I show you a deep 3d graffiti text (the same configuration, but using the maximum text deepness).

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Online graffiti photo effect

Have you ever used the P2P graffiti photo generator published online some time ago?

I spent a lot of effort to offer many graffiti styles in this software, so it can be useful to all users, no matter the kind of art they like.

This tool can create very advanced artworks in many different backgrounds, always trying to keep maximum fidelity to the original photos. You even have very handy image improvement options to help you to get the most beautiful results according to the input image.

To inspire you to create amazing arts from your photos, I show below 3 different graffiti styles created by using the software (by using respectively a gradient, a painting and a sketch graffiti style). I have selected the same medium (a wall) in all cases to make easy a comparison of the graffiti styles. The images are beautiful, so it's worthy to click them to see in real size.

Try it by yourself at the Photo Graffiti Effect Generator page.

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Create semitransparent liquid text effects online

I have published a new tool in Picture to People site. This new software is called Transparent Liquid Text Effect Creator and, as the name says, it's a new generic liquid effects generator.

It's a very powerful free online text maker with many advanced features, like for example:

- fine control of font face liquifying;
- optional semitransparent liquid;
- nice configuration of liquid shadow;
- optional output as PNG file (even with semitransparent liquid feature);
- more than 450 fonts to choose from;
- anti-aliased drawing.

In other words, by using this tool you can save transparent liquid text effects as semitransparent PNG files. It means you can use your liquid texts with any background image you need.

Below you see a sample of liquid text effect. This image was created by saving the liquid text as PNG and posteriorly drawing it on a back image. The liquid appearance of the font face also was made by the software.

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Draw text on photos online

Picture to People users always contact me to ask for a tool to draw text over their photos and other images. The good news are that picture to people already offers such tool.

I have already published a software called Online Watermark Text Generator. It was created to be powerful and versatile enough to create watermark texts on photos, so by using it you can draw many types of texts on any image you want.

This "text on photo generator online" has many style and layout options, can draw semitransparent texts and always render professional anti-aliased texts. You can use it for any purpose. It's easy to use and free!

Bellow you see an image from a trip. The photo was identified with a nice text drawn by this P2P online graphic software (click the image to see it in real size).

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Text effect tutorials (13)

This post shows you the text effect tutorials I published in March 2013. To know more details, visit my Online Text Effects Tutorials blog.

- a Darth Vader 3D text effect;
- a super bright golden text effect;
- a holed embossed text effect;
- a hellish fire text effect;

These tutorials have the needed tips and tricks, so you can get these amazing text effects:

Subscribe to the Text Effect Tutorials feed, so you can follow the publishing of all new tutorials.

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