What is Picture to People ?

"Picture to People" (P2P) is a huge Computer Graphics project. It was started to create new softwares able to make 2D drawing, 3D rendering, vexel drawing, text effects, photo effects, image filtering and other complex Computer Graphics operations. It has been made from scratch, including its low level Computer Graphics libraries like Maccala. Nowadays, most final features produced for this project are released as free online tools available from its official website. This blog talks about Computer Graphics, mainly concerning Picture to People development.

"Only who makes has true knowledge. Knowledge is control. True power depends on total control. Only who makes from scratch has the real power."

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lomography photo effect generator online

Now Picture to People offers a lomo photo effect creator. Before I started developing this online tool, I spent a long time reading about what is lomography and its main features. Everything to create an online lomo generator that could turn your regular pictures into photos that really looked to be shot using lomography techniques.

I have worked hard to offer a very good amount of configuration options, so this online lomo effect maker is very versatile. It means you can create your own customized lomography filters online.

Below you see a regular photo and a lomo image created by using the new Lomo Photo Effect Generator.

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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Creating retro vintage effects from photos

Now P2P has a vintage effect generator produced to turn your photos into beautiful drawings with a stylized retro look.

This online retro drawing maker was carefully developed to be powerful and very easy to use at the same time. You can find it at the Drawing Vintage Photo Effect Creator page.

Below you can see a photo and a vintage drawing created from it.

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hot fiery wooden text logo generators online

I have released a new group of text effect generators in P2P site. These new effect creators can produce text that look like made of burnt wood or igneous coal.

Some interesting features these new ardent wood text makers have are:

- configurable heat level (it changes the hot wood appearance);
- anti-aliased rendering;
- optional damaged contours;
- many available fonts to use;
- output texts have a 3D look;
- optional transparent background.

Below I show an example. By using one of the new igneous text generators, I have created a text logo made of hot coal (click to see it in real size).

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Developing new creative graffiti text logo creators

Picture to People project has a very successful Online Graffiti Text Logo Creator. It's used by thousands and more thousands of users every month. Anyway, I was never completely satisfied with it. I want much more!

Since almost one year ago, I have been researching a lot about what users expect and like most when they look for a graffiti generator.

Based on the informations I have collected, I have been planning, designing and testing possibilities to create a new killer graffiti text logo maker.

After months of hard work developing new features and improving P2P graphic libraries, I started getting the first visible results of what can become a new amazingly powerful and productive online graffiti generator.

Below I show you a result produced recently by using some fresh P2P pieces of code. Click the image to see it in real size.

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hiper realistic reflective metallic text logos

My new class of logo generators to create astonishing realistic reflective text effects entered the beta stage.

I traditionally publish realistic text effects in P2P site, but since some time ago I really want to offer realistic shiny and reflective text logo generators.

I needed to rewrite some parts of Maccala and Pixsycho and also research some totally new algorithms to be able to code these new effects. I hope I can release this new softwares in some more weeks.

Below you see two text logos I created recently by using these new fresh logo generators. The first is a red crystal text logo effect and the second is a reflective golden text logo effect.

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Text effect tutorials (25)

It's my traditional digest of text effect tutorials I have posted last month. You can see them at my blog about Online Text Logo Effects.

- a binary code text effect;
- a rusty blocked metallic text effect;
- a jungle text effect online.

Following these tutorials you can create these high quality text logos (see them big at the original posts):

Create awesome text logo effects with these Online Cool Text Logo Generators published at Picture to People site.

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