What is Picture to People ?

"Picture to People" (P2P) is a huge Computer Graphics project. It was started to create new softwares able to make 2D drawing, 3D rendering, vexel drawing, text effects, photo effects, image filtering and other complex Computer Graphics operations. It has been made from scratch, including its low level Computer Graphics libraries like Maccala. Nowadays, most final features produced for this project are released as free online tools available from its official website. This blog talks about Computer Graphics, mainly concerning Picture to People development.

"Only who makes has true knowledge. Knowledge is control. True power depends on total control. Only who makes from scratch has the real power."

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Smoke text rendering

A post of a site I like have inspired me to create a model to render text made of smoke. As always, I tried to give it a look just like you get in nature.

Despite some people draw clouds and smoke in a very similar way using other programs, usually it's not the best approach if you want a realistic result. By "realistic" I mean at least people will not have doubt about what you have drawn when they see your work. Look at my clouds text rendering bellow to see how it's different of smoke.

Above you can see a smoke word.

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Guttu said...

To review you need to download and use the software. I cannot see a link. You should provide a link in sidebar. I do software reviews if they are free and I like them. You can check the software's section of my blog.


There is no link because there is no release yet.

Nowadays this blog only shows the evolution of my project to people. I'm glad cause I already had some useful feedbacks.

Review a complex Computer Graphics software is not an easy task ... You should really understand about graphics and be sure you really know how to use the software.

I don't know if you will review my software in the future or not, but take care to not be unfair in your reviews of any software (about Computer Graphics or not).

sasidesign said...

wow great Smoked text man..
thanks for sharing

megalit said...

Very nice !!! Congratulation ! I have seen and other text effects they are really good. Do you writing that software?


Sure, friend.

I'm making all of this from scratch.