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"Picture to People" (P2P) is a huge Computer Graphics project. It was started to create new softwares able to make 2D drawing, 3D rendering, vexel drawing, text effects, photo effects, image filtering and other complex Computer Graphics operations. It has been made from scratch, including its low level Computer Graphics libraries like Maccala. Nowadays, most final features produced for this project are released as free online tools available from its official website. This blog talks about Computer Graphics, mainly concerning Picture to People development.

"Only who makes has true knowledge. Knowledge is control. True power depends on total control. Only who makes from scratch has the real power."

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Set operations again

Sometimes is hard to make algorithms to satisfy the very much generic situations. I intend reformulate my data structures and algorithms to allow set operations over polygons, curves, multi-curves and shapes.

Now is time to think about that, cause I'm going to project and code multi-curves.

My algorithms for set operations work well for polygons (the orthodox case). The picture shows in thick blue the difference between two very weird polygons.

Anyway, I still need to solve a very degenerated case for polygons before try to generalize for more complex objects: polygons with self-intersections. Let's work.

PS: this screenshot was drawn using Windows GDI.

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